Protect Against the Hungry Ghosts



As I started to meditate on what I should write about this week, the word “pain” rang loud and clear in my mind. I wrote the word down so I would not forget it. I was about to reenter my meditation when I remembered that I needed to check my email. Checking email is typically frowned upon during meditation. However, this time it revealed some guidance. My inbox had an email from Sue Fredrick with a link to a radio interview she had just completed. Sue is the premier intuitive coach and best-selling author of three books (I See Your Dream Job, I See Your Soulmate, and Bridges to Heaven). The interview was about healing from grief and pain. My guiding angels were being very clear. Write about pain, check your email, and listen to Sue’s interview. I delayed my meditation so I could listen to Sue’s interview and receive…

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About Brandi

I'm a blogger and wanna-be photographer. I'm interested in light work, chakras, essential oils (doTerra) and just trying to help people in anyway I can. This was initially a weight loss blog and turned into an adventure about my infertility, miscarriages and my rainbow baby. Now is the time to focus on my health. Please email me with questions or DM on IG. IG: Youhaveaprettyface_ Twinbody: Youhaveaprettyface

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