How to have the longest miscarriage in the history of miscarriages.

Here’s a rundown of how you accomplish this feat, should you so choose. April 8th: Heartbeat April 17th: No heartbeat, “You will miscarry…” April 26th: Very mild spotting, dark brown. April 27th: Start hemorrhaging, go to ER, pass tons of clots and “products of conception”–ultrasound shows only a few blood clots, “you’re fine to passContinue reading “How to have the longest miscarriage in the history of miscarriages.”

Unleasing the Uterus

There’s no way of predicting how a miscarriage will turn out. Once you have decided that you’re going for the “natural” approach as opposed to having a D&C, you assume it’s going to be, well, natural. No medical intervention, just you and a whole lot of blood. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to go… OnContinue reading “Unleasing the Uterus”