WTF are you doing?

WTF are you doing?

Love this… It’s so important to remember, thick or thin, the problem is within. Thanks for reminding me why I started this blog.

Damn girl, that's a lot of fattitude


A few people have asked me wtf I’m doing recently pertaining to my “diet.” With multiple people asking me, I stopped to actually think about it. You can overlook one or two people asking, but multiple people makes me stop and think…What the fuck am I doing? I’ve gone back to the “dieting” mentality due to the frustration of my weight regain. I’ve removed items, removed food groups, gone gung-ho and found reasons why “this is the diet.” I have a garden full of produce I planted that I wasn’t going to eat because it’s not “on plan.” A tree full of ripe plums, tomatoes turning red, and blueberries ripening in the sun. I’m losing weight on a keto diet, but in all honestly – it won’t fix my legit food issues. I keep finding myself reading my post on Forgivness over and over again. I need to take my…

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