So, you had a baby.

Pregnancy Trigger: Baby update after four losses.   I’ve thought about what this post would look like – The post after I finally had a baby. How flowery and perfect it would be… Rainbows and butterflies… A perfect world would commence. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment; it’s here. Only, it didn’t reallyContinue reading “So, you had a baby.”

Positively Negative!

I keep finding it incredibly difficult to write anything here. The days are fluid and run seamlessly into each other. To boot, I’m feeling fantastically dramatic. Updates? Ok. This Thursday will be my post op ultrasound appointment to see how well the septum resection went. We’re hoping for a uterine septum under 6 mm. Here’sContinue reading “Positively Negative!”

Standing Still

Seriously, have you ever met a motherless woman who wasn’t completely insane? Think of a woman who doesn’t have a child. She’s not normal and you know it. I think this process makes us crazy. __________________________________________________ Today is a particularly difficult day. I don’t know why. There’s no good reason. I’ve taken an anxiety pill.Continue reading “Standing Still”

How to have the longest miscarriage in the history of miscarriages.

Here’s a rundown of how you accomplish this feat, should you so choose. April 8th: Heartbeat April 17th: No heartbeat, “You will miscarry…” April 26th: Very mild spotting, dark brown. April 27th: Start hemorrhaging, go to ER, pass tons of clots and “products of conception”–ultrasound shows only a few blood clots, “you’re fine to passContinue reading “How to have the longest miscarriage in the history of miscarriages.”