How to have the longest miscarriage in the history of miscarriages.

Here’s a rundown of how you accomplish this feat, should you so choose. April 8th: Heartbeat April 17th: No heartbeat, “You will miscarry…” April 26th: Very mild spotting, dark brown. April 27th: Start hemorrhaging, go to ER, pass tons of clots and “products of conception”–ultrasound shows only a few blood clots, “you’re fine to passContinue reading “How to have the longest miscarriage in the history of miscarriages.”

Unleasing the Uterus

There’s no way of predicting how a miscarriage will turn out. Once you have decided that you’re going for the “natural” approach as opposed to having a D&C, you assume it’s going to be, well, natural. No medical intervention, just you and a whole lot of blood. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to go… OnContinue reading “Unleasing the Uterus”

Pregnant Woman Jealous of Pregnant Women

So much has happened in this past week… I’ll try to recap briefly… – Last Tuesday (4-8-14), a week ago, we had our first ultrasound. We saw a heartbeat! A sweet, little blip and a heartbeat! The baby was on the upper right side of my uterus and there was no way of knowing ifContinue reading “Pregnant Woman Jealous of Pregnant Women”